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Moving to a care home can be difficult and sensitive.

Selecting the right home for you or your loved one is very personal and can understandably be so emotive.

At Highfield we recognise that many people agonise over the choice of home that will provide the best possible care, support and love and we are keen to help you make the best decision for all the right reasons.


Highfield operates at the highest standards in all key areas, but it's those intangible areas of atmosphere, friendliness, comfort and personal warmth that many want to feel right about and we believe this is where Highfield is superior to many others.


The health, respect, dignity and happiness of our residents are our first and last priorities and we will never compromise on our high standards in these areas.


We have strived to make the Highfield web site a true reflection of our home.  We urge you to arrange a visit to see and experience this personally.


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Tel: 01303 267036  | Email Us

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